Snapshot question


Struggling with snapshots here. I made a simple preset to experiment with, just program changes to two bits of external gear. I made 3 snapshots to change my guitar pre amp to different sounds and they all worked as expected. I added a control for the other bit of gear and for the 4th snapshot I added program changes for both bits of gear by setting the controls and using ‘save current’.

I expected my guitar preamp to react to all 4 and the other thing to react to only snapshot 4, however the program change for the second bit of gear seems to be embedded in all 4 snapshots. Is this how it’s supposed to work? It seems like things are going to get really complicated really quickly, keeping track of what is going out on some big snapshot, especially if I have manipulated the controls of a synth to something I like but the E1 hasn’t been updated to match.