Snapshots send programme change?

New e1 mkII user here, just starting to navigate my way around the unit and figure out how to integrate it within my set-up.

I have used Soundiver 3.0 a lot and tinkered with sysex a fair bit, so reasonably familiar with the concepts.

Really great and unique that e1 can communicate bidirectionally with devices, and the snapshot functionality means you can basically have editor+librarian functionality all in one hardware controller.

Using the DX7-II preset to mess around with a single patch (#53) on my DX7, I have created and saved a snapshot of modified patch settings in position 1-01 on my e1.

However, when I select ‘load’ or ‘send current’ snapshot 1-01, my DX7 responds by going to single patch #01 and ignoring the parameter change messages - as if e1 is sending a MIDI programme change message to the DX7. Is this normal?

I would like to be able to send the snapshot as a package of parameter change messages, irrespective of what current patch is selected on the DX7 - is this possible? I don’t think the DX7 can be set to ignore incoming PC messages…


I just tried that. Saved a snapshot as 1-01 and then recalled that using the “Load” snapshot. If I observe the E1 output I can see the individual SysEx messages being transferred. I could not see any program change being sent out.

I do not have DX7 around. Just TX7. I will hook it up to my E1 later on to see if anything funky is happening there.

Perhaps also a midi rate issue, where the dx7 cannot process all sysex commands that fast?

Thanks for the replies. A MIDI rate issue might explain it perhaps; if the buffer gets overloaded it clears it & reverts state back to initial startup?

Is there a way to reduce the transmission rate?

I think the midi rate setting in the editor only throttles CC messages atm. Martin wanted to have a look after all the MKII rollout.