Starting Out Wanting to Connect E1 to Percussa

Ok - finally getting organised to get the Electra 1 to talk to my Percussa - has anyone got a start up preset or similar to get me going - I’m struggling a bit to get started. Many thanks.

mine works fine :slight_smile:

you can see it here… around 13:30

you cannot really have a preset as such… since every SSP patch is different, so every preset you’d want on the E1 is different.

there are two approaches, you can use with the E1/SSP
a) SSP “Factory” Modules
the built-in ssp modules are like eurorack modules, they have no concept of midi… only cv
so you have to use the MIDI module to accept CC’s, which coverts them to CV then you can send that to your chosen module.
so your E1 just send CC’s and you will want to label, and set the ranges accordingly.

b) My (aka Technobear) Modules
I support Midi learn on all my modules (see the above video, how to do this)
this means you don’t have to go via the MIDI module which makes things quite a bit simpler, much less patching !
again, you’ll still want to define a preset on the E1

there could be a ‘3rd way’ which would be to write some code for the SSP and E1 that would automatically expose module parameters onto the E1, a bit like we see with Push2 and Ableton, and what Ive done with Orac (still waiting to be finished :wink: )

also its has an advantage and disadvantage.


  • automatic, and you would be able to change many parameters on a module at once


  • the parameters would be paged by module… thats not alway ideal… I actually like with the midi learn approach of having parameters from multiple modules on the same (e1) page.
  • Id likely have to do this as a specific E1 firmware, which means you have to choose between this and the midi E1 firmware, so thats not ideal.

but overall its a lot of development work that would be specific to the E1 + SSP combo, and thats very few users to be targeting.
the reason I added “midi learn” was this is generic to any controller… so more useful to everyone with an SSP.