Stereo behaviour introduced by E1

Udo Super 6 owners frequnetky talk about the ‘mojo’ they find on that instrument they haven’t found anywhere else. The super 6 is unique in having a stereo path end-to-end, so starting from oscillator until the outputs.

But it doesn’t stop there: UDO has implemented intentionally parameter changes , such as the oscillator’s phase, to both channels, for creating a very distinct and likeable stereo sound.

Having exactly the same behavior on other synths will not be possible, but probably soundwise we may go along that path partially .

The idea would be the following: take a bitimbral instrument, have a copy of part A in to part B, pan A to the left and B to the right, then induce specific small parameter changes to both channels and play them layered.

Has anyone already tried out this idea on their synths? If so, what synths were subject to such sound design and what parameters did you change?

I think the E1 could prove an excellent instrument to create such stereo behaviour ‘on the spot’ for any patch you have…

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Mks-80 and jupiter 8 are quite a famous for that (with upper /lower)
I use it frequently on my mks80

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