Tc 2290 first cut

Initial mostly useful first cut at a tc 2290 editor.
Try it here: tc 2290

Note that the 2290 requires changing 3 Special values (2,3,116) and pressing the MIDI Enable key every time you power up.

This editor takes a hacked up version of Martin’s Generative Sequencer to create a mini-keypad to type in values.
The target of the value is the last control with focus. This is indicated by the highlighted control plus the inverted border title around it.

Still bugs, still working, but it might be interesting to some

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The editor now saves patches and mostly handles the back and forth to the tc 2290.
Still no Sampling and no Specials page and the delay time is still interesting since with the expanded memory (like I have), you can get 32 seconds of delay time, but trying to use/send any value greater than 16383 on the E1 gives an error or does not allow you to even set that as a max. I have to query the Specials data to find the max memory and adjust the Delay time range accordingly.

I have a workaround in place, but it needs touching up still. There’s also the possibility I can set some of the Specials values as part of a startup. Finally, due to the way the 2290 actually works, you cannot enter 10.5 for the number of seconds. That is interpreted via MIDI and the front panel as 10.5 ms
You have to enter 9999 then up the scrolling to get larger numbers.

I thought there was a way to type that in from the front panel, but I can’t find those arcane notes yet. So, if you start with a huge twist of the E1 encoder for delay time, it’s going to just sit there and patiently scroll and scroll and scroll.

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Should this read “press the MIDI Enable key every time you power up” or "press the MIDI Enable key while you power up?

After a power-up. The tc 2290 does not store/remember that button. Same with the Specials 2,3,116.

I can actually send sysex to change the Special 3 and Special 116 values, but Special 2 is “Allow incoming sysex” and if the MIDI Enable button on the front panel is not active (lit up) no MIDI of any type gets in.

I can turn off the button and Special 2 via sysex messages, but that is very counter-productive. lol

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