URGENT: Where do I find the IMPORT FROM ELECTRA button? | SOLVED

Ive been working on my Preset yesterday until the evening. I can’t reproduce it but today I wanted to continue but the last revision of my Preset is from yesterday before noon.

I did a lot of work which is at least still visible on the E1 but I can’t find the mentioned button IMPORT FROM ELECTRA on this page…


How can I save hours of work please???

just messaged you on the PM

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Thanks so much! Much appreciated.

Thank you again so much for your immediate help. That really helped me save some time. :+1:

Perhaps you can post what you did?
It can bee seen by others as a reference

Basically I wasn’t able to fix it. Martin did it for me.

The button I was searching for only appears if the E1 Chrome App does not “know” the missing Preset. But in my case an older version of the same Preset still existed in Chrome. It just wasn’t synchronized correctly. Maybe even because I had partially two Editor windows open to copy content from one Preset to another.

Others than that I am not sure what Martin wants to share about what was necessary to recreate my Preset for the editor. Thanks for your understanding.



I guess that the following would work:

  • setting the E1 in USB mode
  • copy the .epr and the .lua on your computer
  • import the .epr in a new preset

Have a nice day