Want to be able to load self-made EPR files into the Editor

Hi, this is Kris from KnobKraft! I have written a software that can produce an EPR file programatically. But I can’t seem to find a function to load an arbitrary EPR into the editor? I can’t even seem to load the preset from the Electra back into the editor? I think I’d like to!

Reason is that I have code that could automatically create instrument files for a couple of synths, but the instrument format is not really documented (did I miss the docs?), so I created an EPR file instead. I use Technobear’s converter to then go from EPR to IDF, but this is kind of hard to debug (files look good, but currently no sysex MIDI messages are generated when I turn the knobs).

Admittedly this is my first serious day with the Electra One, and I probably need to learn a lot more!

Thanks for making this great product, especially the build quality and the encoders are amazing!

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Added - found the recent thread on the instrument files. Good to see this coming back, I think they are useful, and I like to layout my presets the same for all synths, so I don’t need to think too much when switching synths, so having instrument files and then just arranging the controls into pages is what I am looking for.

Still, my original request stands - it would be great to round trip the EPR from the Webapp to the device and back. Could prevent also bugs like invalid json floating around for too long :wink:

Here are all the options available:

Web app to computer: plain ol’ download button.
Computer to web app: ‘Import Preset’ feature on the ‘My Presets’ page. Although this same stuff about legacy preset, I tried downloading a current preset, changing the json (adding patch request/response) and importing it via this function. Seemed to work pretty fine. @martin, is this the right way to do this?
Computer to Electra: sandbox feature available here: https://app.electra.one/sandbox
Electra to computer: this doesn’t exist, but maybe this can be achieved via Electra’s midi implementation. I have seen some discussions around it and I think there are limitations currently due to file size etc. Martin can explain better :slight_smile:.
Webapp to Electra: duh :slight_smile:.
Electra to webapp: I don’t think this exists, but since we cannot edit anything on Electra, this isn’t really needed, I think.

Yes, it is. It imports both versions of preset files (legacy and current). The message about converting the legacy presets - we wanted to make it clear to users with legacy presets. I think it can be removed now as majority of users use the new version already.

that is correct. The editor does not pull the preset info from Electra. In long run, I think it could be there. Electra itself has a preset dump request. Details in SysEx implementation | Electra One Documentation.


sendmidi dev "Electra Controller Electra CTRL" syx 00h 21h 45h 02h 01h

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There are json schemas in the git repo.

I use these to generate C++ classes, and also to test that my json is formed correctly.

This is the process I use for both generating epr ( preset) and eif ( instrument) definitions.

The sysex I don’t worry about too much, once you have that right - it’s just works :tm:


I’m working in a new instrument converter as we speak.
I might at some point combine my various converters into one application that’s more designed for ‘end users’.

I love these converters as they allow us to leverage all the metadata that is already out there.


Thank you! I was deterred by the comments “import legacy format”. So I can go with that. I can already produce valid instrument definition files, and now will dive into the sysex parsing functionality :wink: