Beginner question about preset management


I’m about to start using the E1 mk1 that I bought a few years ago. FW 3.5.4 on the E1 and using Edge on Windows 10. Neither “Create New Preset”, nor “Import Project” do anything. What am I doing wrong?

Are you logged into the ElectraOne website? Is your E1 connected to the computer and recognized by the App? Can you see the ‘MY PRESETS’ page? Try to get all of those items working first.
I had trouble the first few times getting the online App to recognize my E1 was plugged in.


Thank you for your reply, javelin276. Yes, yes and yes.

There is one preset on the “My presets” page. I’m using that preset to make an editor for Creamware Minimax ASB. However, I am unable to add more presets. Nothing happens when I click “Create new preset”. Shouldn’t clicking that button add a blank preset to My Presets?

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Everything looks good to me, it should be working. You’re going to need the webmaster to chime in, maybe he’ll look at it tomorrow. I know they tend to take the weekends off.

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Hi, creating and importing presets can does not need the controller connected. This looks more like that your account (for whatever reason) does not have privileges to create a preset.

Please reach me on PM. I will need to identify your account to review things on the backend. Thanks!

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