MIDI Router

I can’t seem to make the router work - even if I disable all routings Electra doesn’t seem to apply those settings:

I have a MIDI controller with pots connected to the Host port - with 8 pots mapped to Electra controls. they update fine and quickly on Electra, however when using Electra’s encoders everything is slow - I suspect some weird MIDI loop is happening.

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yes, it sounds strange indeed. Slow updates when turning E1 knobs may indicate that the messages sent out are sent back to E1. Does the updating improve / change when you disconnect the MIDI controller from the USB host port?

yes indeed, the updating is completely smooth so it’s definitely a loopback problem - even for controls that are not mapped on the external controller.
that’s why I was hoping to disable Electra → Midi Host, as it’s for potentiometers so no need to update values there, just receive Midi Host → Electra data.
But I can’t get the router to work at all.

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ok, I see.

The MIDI Router is used to router the incoming MIDI data between the MIDI interfaces. ie. you can instruct E1 to forward data from the USB Host devices to MIDI IO.

When you generate MIDI data by E1 (eg. by turning the knob), E1 will send the message to all interfaces. It is not possible to send data to just one specific interface, for example to MIDI IO port 1. This will most likely change this year. MKII will change this and the change will introduced to MKI at some point too.