Waldorf microQ (2 presets)

These are 2 templates for the Waldorf microQ from 2000, a more affordable version of the Q from 1999.


This synth is so feature packed, I couldn’t even fit “play mode” for the current voice into a single preset! I created one preset just to cover the arpeggiator, and another to cover the remaining features.

Make sure you have a MIDI cable from the synth going back into the Electra One so you can ‘handshake’ and use the [PATCH REQUEST] button, which syncs up the settings of the 2 devices.

The first page ‘CMD’ is a quick access page for commonly used controls.

Warning: you may find your device freezes without the latest firmware, as the main preset is close to the current memory limits. It works in version 1.4.2.