Can't load preset into editor from Electra one

I made a preset for a device, sent it to the electra one, tested all the controls, accidentally deleted it from the editor, and now I can’t load it into the editor from the device. I hit the “load from electra” button in the editor and it just says “loading preset” forever. Any ideas?

Win 10 using chrome

Hi there,

there is the Connection status indicator at the left-top corner of the editor.

Is the indicator green? if not, the connection might be established only in one direction. In such case, please follow instructions from Resolving connection issues article.

If the indicator is green, it would be great if you could send me output from your Electra One console app. ie. run the application so that you can see the debugging messages coming from your Electra. Then hit the Load from Electra button. If you copy the last messages and send them to me, I will be able to see what is happening. A screenshot of the messages will do the job too.

Thanks for the prompt reply!

Indicator is green. opened up the preset on the Electra, hit the “load from Electra” button in the browser, the screen on the Electra briefly flashes the transmitting stuff from device to computer image, and the editor says “loading preset…” forever.

Output from the console is:

502911 handleUSBSysEx: SysEx started: manufacturer=125 messageType=2 messageParameter=1
503016 sendSysExFile: sending out preset data header
503050 Ui::display: page=1
503177 SysEx complete
503177 readMIDI: CTRL message

From the log file I can see that Electra sends the preset out correctly. The browser does not either recognize the preset or there is something wrong with the preset.

Do you have midiox or any other sysex librarian / monitor app installed on your computer? If so, run it and make it listening/recording and press “right-middle” button on electra, it will dump the preset as a sysex message over to the computer. If possible, send me the sysex message you captured - I would be able to replicate your problem then.


I remade the preset in the editor and over-wrote the one on the device so I no longer have the one which couldn’t be loaded. The only difference between the two was that the new one had a name whereas the one I couldn’t load from the device did not have a name. Not sure if that solves anything with this mystery but it’s a data point at least.