Want to buy - is paypal an option?

Please forgive internet incompetence - I couldn’t find a general contact email, so I did email one of the people from the ‘about us’ section.

My bank has a disconcerting tendency to shut off my credit card for “suspicious” international purchases. So, I’d much rather set up a paypal purchase than use my credit card. If possible…

hoping that I can work with someone to set this up.

I was undecided until I saw that there was a preset available for the motor synth. Yeah! (have one). Looks like this will be very useful for me (lots of midi devices). I’ve never found a midi knob/slider controller that I’ve enjoyed using. This looks very much worth a try. Thanks.

Hi @Nelson_Baboon,

We used Paypal at the start of the project and it turned to be a complete nightmare that almost killed the project. We received funds from the pre-order transactions (September - December 2019) in August 2020. We eventually had to finance everything from our own money which was not the most convenient thing to with the pandemic situation around.

Anyways, after we got the money back we decided to stop using Paypal and switched to Stripe payment provider. The Stripe is very reliable, fast, and cost efficient. If Stripe (credit/debit card) is not an option for a buyer we offer a SEPA payment to our bank account. Of course SWIFT transfer is possible too but the fees will be high I assume.

Our company has a registered merchant account with the Stripe and we have not had single dispute / chargeback since we started processing a year ago. From this perspective there are no reasonable reasons why your issuing bank should stop the transactions.

I am sorry I cannot offer the Paypal option but there is a reason for it.