Web Editor is not consistent in regards to empty spaces

Here’s what I’m experiencing: I select an empty page, I click on a spot I want to create a control at, the spot gets selected and on the side panel left , in the top line it reads “Selected” with a little check mark. Once I click the check mark I get access to the list of controls I can select from.

a) Why is the check mark necessary? Why don’t I get access to the selection panel right away when clicking on an empty spot?

b) If instead of clicking on the check mark I select another spot no check mark appears and I need to click on another control on the page (if there is one) or if the page is indeed empty I need to leave the page and come back to elicit the check mark again. That seems weird.

I’m on Chrome (101.0.4951.64 (Official Build) (x86_64)) on a Mac 10.15.4.