No Connection Status Indicator on Website - Can't Use Web Editor

Pulled out my Electra One for the first time and am attempting to use the web editor to make some new presets. I have the unit connected to the computer but the web editor doesn’t see the EO and my website isn’t showing any connection status indicator. No grey button, no green button. Just nothing next to my little icon.

I’m using OSX 10.15.7. The EO MIDI is showing up in the Midi Studio. I can use the standalone app to load a preset to the unit so it is connected over USB at some level. I’m also using Chrome.

Any insight as to how I can get the web editor to work with my unit? The Troubleshooting steps talk about verifying the MIDI input, but I don’t have the connection status indicator to verify this. I was also not prompted to allow WebMIDI when I plugged in the EO.

Hi @OldManZero, pls reach me on the website chat. I think it will be the fastest way to review it. Thx!

Thanks @martin. I’ve sent a message out.

For anyone reading this, @martin helped me fix the problem. It was a bit weird in that I had to rescan my MIDI devices with a MIDI Monitor app and then it started working.


hi, i have this same problem. osx (chrome, edge), win 7 (chrome, edge), win 10.

Had a chat with @Tryint. It started working for him. I think this might be related to the change from 1.5 and beta. The beta firmwares use new USB vendor / product ids. This means that Electra with the new firmware looks like a completely new USB device for the system. It looks like it might take a moment to get reflected. On macOS X, it might be worth opening a Audio MIDI Setup app and removing the Electra Controller from there. The operating system will then pick and keep only the definition with the new USB ids. I am not sure how to do this one windows, but will take a look at that.

But still I am just guessing here…

Hello all - I’m having this problem as well. No green or grey button. Midi monitor picks up on knob movement from the electra, but it is not connecting to the web editor or the electra one console. I’m using OSX chrome. I don’t know how to reach out via chat to you, Martin. But any feedback you have that could help would be appreciated, thank you!

Hi @bumply,

I am not around my computer today. I will be tomorrow from around 11am CEST, pretty much for the rest of the day. To reach me, click the “chat” button on the The button appears in the bottom right corner of the screen.



@bumply has been running 1.1.5 version of the firmware. Updating to the latest firmware resolved the issue.

If you encounter the same problem, please try updating to the lastest available firmware as the first step. Of course, it is perfectly ok to ask me for an assistance.