Website issues

Im having troubles with the website now.

I am unable to search the preset library.

When I attached my controller, it often doesnt show/sync the presets. Often shows it isnt connected.
It also often fails when I try to upload a preset to a free slot.
Or sync fails.

This is the first time ive been trying the new website. I did not have these issues before it was updated.

Regards, R.

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what version of firmware do you run? And what browser version do you have installed? Thanks!


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Currenty running the latest firmware.

I have tried edge, firefox, and chrome. Each are the latest versions.


Are there any updates or fixes?

Hi, I am unable to replicate this and nobody else reported similar problem. I will PM you to schedule a short session on the chat to see what is happening.

HI Martin, seperate from the website, I believe my unit has an issue. I decided to test current draw on it and its using 700ma! Is that normal for the first version? Ive had this issue, and havent been able to use it due to the restarting.

Regards, Rob

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Hi Rob, 700mA is too much. This might explain the other problems you encountered. I’ll send you a PM to arrange servicing for the controller.

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