What about 12 controllers in a row in FW3, new control formats, fonts and texts?

For certain purposes, it would be great to have (on a single page) a control matrix not of 6 by 6 but 12 by 6. The screen would then be divided in 6 instead of 3 control sections.Every current section would then be split in left and right.

Applications where having 8 to 12 controls in a row might be useful would be correlated of course with new control formats:

  • Sequencer steps (vertical instead of horizontal bars)

Imagine that the upper left and right buttons are then used to scroll to previous/next page, that would give you an intuitive way to go through 64 Step sequences with 4 to 6 lines, spread over 6 pages.

  • Fetching a synth name (big characters with a tiny bar beneath)

  • 12 Keyboard notes (black and white pads)

For the latter, a super control would even be better, i.e a keyboard control with the width of the screen, having op to 25 touch notes.

Text controls would also be useful. Such control isn’t doing anything, just showing text snippets. Or why not have a different shape for a pad, that allows it to contain some more text in variable text sizes? If the overlay would allow more text as well that would provide context to a pad, without needing the manual.


Last but not least, apart from having all the choice between small and capital letters, a useful feature would be to have a condensed font. In other words the same letter height, but more letters would fit in a space. Ideal when you just can’t squeeze in those last 2 letters…


Maybe something like what’s already there for ADSR but with 12 controllers?

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