Any news on page limit or sub-pages?

Hi, it’s been a while since I’ve been here as I took a break when I hit a wall programming some presets for bigger synths.

I see there has been a new update. Does the new update allow for the creation of more than 12 pages in a preset? Alternatively, can we create subpages on presents yet?

I was going to program an A6 which has 400 parameters that can be mapped but the standard limitation is about 432 slots.

Any insight? Thanks.

AFAIK the 12 page/432 slot limit is still there.
However, many updates have occurred and it is easy now to dynamically change the control name/parameter number, etc.

An example might be that you have a single page for doing things with a Mod Matrix. If you actually need 2 pages worth of controls, you can dedicate one control to toggle between the first set of params and the second set.

Yes, the behind-the-scenes coding is more complex, but you can do things like that to still display a lot of info to a user while saving on the total number of controls needed.

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