Controller Matrix Tool

Hi Guys, the Yamaha FS1R has an 8 x 14 matrix (112 check boxes) to select controller mappings. I don’t know what it would take, but a controller matrix page would be very useful. I’d insert an example, but the forum doesn’t include picture attachments.

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But it does, just copy and paste in the field :blush:
Also there is a dedicated upload button at the bottom

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The 14 Sources for controllers are across the top, the 8 Destination parameters are down the right side in the selection box lists.

As an alternative, the Oberheim Matrix 12 has 20 controller slots. For each slot you select a Source from a list box, select a Destination from a list box, then an Amplitude for the control. There are just a lot of them. It would be handy to have a more compact way to put them on the screen all at the same time.