Yamaha DX7 / TX7

Thanks a lot Martin ! Looks great.
I read your comment that Memory Protect must be off, may I ask what for ?
And what is it that you call "Patch reading " ?

Also, I think the graphic LFO waveforms are a really cool touch I was hoping to get one day, however I couldn’t figure out how you make them appear as an image instead of a text ?

nice one… one minor thing for me is I want to have output levels on the same page at pitch adjustment… how do I move a parameter across pages in the editor? can I somehow click and drag across pages or?

also possible to upload the older version as well?.. I overwrote it by accident and I want to keep the old rates sliders page

You can use CMD+C / CMD+V to copy the controls between the pages. SHIFT + Click allows the selection of more controls.


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The graphic symbols must be included in the preset. At present time, It is possible to do only by editing the source code of the preset file. We are already working on adding an image editor to the Preset editor app.

@nuipb I’ve created a graphics toolkit to help with this.

Thanks Martin, and what about my 2 previous questions ? :slight_smile:

  • I read your comment that Memory Protect must be off, may I ask what for ?
  • what is it that you call "Patch reading " ?

@nuipb I’ve been able to get patch reading working on the TX81Z, and have written a toolkit for that as well. The javascript I’ve written helps with formatting the code, but filling out a spreadsheet of all your synth parameters and matching them to the SysEx response from the synth is very time consuming! Very satisfying to see it working, though :grin:

would you mind sharing that tx81z preset? would love to try it

I’m still waiting to here if I can replace the original preset on the same URL with the new file. So I’ll put it here in the meantime. By the way, this only works if the synth is set to receive MIDI channel 3.

Yamaha TX81Z (RG) 2.epr (42.7 KB)

Not sure what you mean by “patch reading” ? you mean “What’s on the Electra One screen is now in sync with the synthesiser, giving full bi-directional control” so that when you call a new preset in the TX all corresponding fields in the E1 screen are updated at the same time ?
If that is the case then that’s a great news as Martin and I have been trying to find out for many months now how he originally succeeded to have this happen with his TX-7 - as seen in one of his very early videos - but neither of us found out how he did that. Maybe some setting inside the TX-7 ? Maybe some special feature inside his E1 beta firmware at the time ? Would it be possible to get this feature for the TX-7 ?
(and maybe for any other synth offering the “SysEx voice bulk dump request” feature…)

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@nuipb the steps I took to get it working are explained at the link I posted above.

Yes I read that, and thanks for the thorough explanation, however it goes beyond my skills to understand and apply the process you describe, reason why I was asking if it would be possible to get this feature for the TX-7 available in the Chrome app to activate by us, mere laymen ? and for any other synth offering the “SysEx voice bulk dump request” feature…

@nuipb I don’t have a TX7, but I believe Martin has already prepared the preset for you. You have to check if your synth is set to receive SysEx messages on channel 1, wire your MIDI cables in a ‘loop’ so that the 2 devices can talk to each other, and press the [PATCH REQUEST] button on the Electra One (top right hardware button).

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What ?? OK, just tested it and yes it works indeed ! Thanks a lot to you and Martin. I’ve been waiting for this for months ! This totally opens the use of the TX-7 : game changer !

Is this [PATCH REQUEST] something you could implement for other synths ?

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It seems possible but as urbanspaceman pointed out its not that easy to do… so seems like noobs like us will have to wait patiently for the pros to wrangle the code hopefully for the gear that we happen to own :wink:

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@lobit @nuipb Or you could hire me to do it! Now that I know how to add graphics to the template and get the patch request feature set up I could help you with your preset. I’m fairly confident I could figure it out for any synth if it has good MIDI documentation. Send me a message.

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@urbanspaceman thanks a lot for the proposal. I’d be happy to ask you to do graphics but wouldn’t it be a better idea to add an image editor to the Preset editor app as Martin suggested above so that each user can do and re-do its own graphics ?
As for the patch request feature which might be more tricky than the image editor - as it is not generic to all synths - I will happily send you MIDI documentation in the following days in the hope that you can indeed program it. Will get back to you shortly. Cheers.

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first off, thanks to @urbanspaceman for his work! He did get the TX81z patch reading going and he also provided lots of valuable feedback. We will definitely use all his input.

A bit of explanation: Electra preset file format was designed so that it can be used to read sysex patch dumps of almost any synth. It is supported from the very early versions of the firmware. @nuipb - as the owner of the very first Electra that left our workshop - knows it. I think he used it with TX7 and Chroma. Currently, the only way to implement Patch reading, images for lists, (and there is more :slight_smile: is to edit the preset files directly. I would say the software development background is needed for that. Our Editor on app.electra.one is basically doing the job of preparing the preset file just by clicking stuff in, without knowing much about programming. It is job for @tomas to add more tools to the editor so that all Electra’s functionality will be accessible. And he works on it hard.

It might sound strange that Electra can do more than our own Preset editor, but there is a reason for that. The technical documentation on the preset format is fully available to anybody on our website. It allows developers such as @urbanspaceman and @akira to “program” their presets. It also allows any software developer to create their own preset editor applications or integrate Electra to their software, eg. @thetechnobear works on the integration with his Orac.

Long story short. What I am hoping to see happening is:

  1. we will add a user friendly image and sysex patch dump editor to app.electra.one
  2. some users will create presets that use those “hidden” features
  3. one day maybe some alternative presets editors will become available

I am much occupied with the firmware development these days. I still hope, however, to have some spare time to create a few presets by myself. I improved the TX7 preset lately. When I was done with the job, I spent almost whole night playing around with TX7, it really unchained the full potential of that synth.


Hi guys, could anyone tell me how/where do I enter a sysex command (sequence of HEX codes) into the [PATCH REQUEST] hardware button of the Electra One like Martin did for the TX7 preset ?