MIDI not working in 1.1.5? [SOLVED]

Strange - I have no MIDI after updating to 1.1.5 and testing with my Rhodes Chroma. I guess it’s something I’ve done (or something I haven’t done correctly), otherwise everybody would be posting about it!

I flashed back to 1.1.4 and MIDI functionality was restored. Flashed again to 1.1.5 and MIDI is dead again.

The problem occurs with my Rhodes Chroma 2 preset (just shared a few minutes ago on the App) and also with @martin’s Chroma preset.

if you monitor your midi input with something like midi-ox are you detecting any data? i loaded your preset into my e1 and can see parameter data changing

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I also may well have done something incorrectly, but It seems as though midi is not coming into my Electra when I’m turning knobs on synths using 1.1.5… I went back to 0.9.13 and midi appears to be flowing inward just fine

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@dr_funk your preset seems to be sending midi for me…

perhaps some more details about your setup… (din, usb host, usb device)
are you getting any midi on any of the outputs?

if you are having issue, use can use the ElectraOne Console App ( see downloads)…
and see if that says it’s sending midi or not… or any other issues its reporting.

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Thanks @thetechnobear! My test setup is E1 connected as USB device to my laptop, running Console to monitor MIDI activity, and DIN MIDI I/O from my Chroma to MIDI 1 IN/OUT on the E1. I’ve run some more tests and I have some more info now…

I seem to have the same issue as @duster. With 1.1.5, my E1 communicates successfully with Console and also sends MIDI to the Chroma. I can hear parameter changes made from the E1 while playing the Chroma, and those MIDI messages are displayed in Console. But MIDI from the Chroma is not received by the E1 (no MIDI activity on the E1 screen for MIDI 1 IN), and MIDI events from the Chroma are not displayed in Console.

When I flash back to 1.1.4, MIDI is received by the E1, the ‘MIDI 1 IN’ text on the E1 screen blinks to indicate MIDI received, and MIDI sent by the Chroma is also displayed in Console.

I also moved the MIDI cable from MIDI 1 IN to MIDI 2 IN on the E1, just in case the ports somehow were swapped in the firmware update, but it made no difference.

Sorry guys, I was away from the computer since yesterday. I am back in the workshop now, I am going to review it.

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ah, so midi input…
hmm, I had midi input working the other day, but honestly can’t remember if that was 1.1.5 or 1.1.4… it was around the same day as I updated.

Sorry, for the delay in fixing this - I had very busy days and travel in my primary job recently. An updated firmware is available for download.


MIDI incoming! Thanks loads Martin