6 Stage Envelope


I have just ordered my Electra One MK2 and while I wait for it to arrive I have started to understand and learn how to use the preset editor.

One questions I have is what would be the best way to set up this 6 stage envelope?

Would I assign one slider to “Delay” and then an “ADDSR” envelope? If so, how would I assign the different 6 parameters across the L1-4/R1-4?

Thanks in advance!

That would work! Personally, I prefer a one physical knob to one control mapping, so I would just map out all 6 parameters to 6 physical knobs. Improves consistency, less modes to switch between.

Assigning parameters is explained here: Preset Editor | Electra One Documentation

Great, thanks. Looking forward to receiving my Electra One and trying it out.