Ableton Live MIDI Remote Script / Control Surface

Hi @jhh !
Very happy to see you again on the forum… with windows… incredible news! What would we do without you…
it’s progressing … the switch button works but e1 does not load the parameter values of the rack instrument / value jump. Works well with a basic ableton plugin or instruments.

cdtl bbm

I just tested this under windows, and when I load an instrument rack, my E1 shows the 16 macros and the chain selector, and when I drag an instrument inside it, it shows me the preset for the instrument. What is it exactly that you are trying to do?

Hi, Sorry, no time to respond quickly…

I am looking to create an organized E1 preset for an instrument rack to bring together
the parameters of a vst, a delay and reverb via the macro instrument rack. Parameter value update errors appeared when switching to the mixer or other device.

I would like to develop a new approach to E1/ablt interaction (live performance) :
My ultimate goal will be to bring together the important vst parameters of a live set on E1 like “midi learn”… at this point the script will load the E1 preset according to the live set to be played… a fluid dialogue between App E1 and the script will be essential. Perhaps an integration of scrypt in the app.

A custom script? Time and skills that I don’t have?.. so I’ll be ready to pay!
What are your future plans for your @jhh script?


I scored an MK1 the other day and added the Ableton Remote Script for the mixer preset, but I get a message saying in need firmware V3.15. I can’t seem to find that version anywhere. Am I missing something?

@martin is version 3.1.5 still in beta? If so, go to

Got the latest firmware installed and the script is working. Thanks!


Salut @jhh ,

Attempt detailed unstable bug report:

  • set opening
  • rapid appearance of the ableton Mixer preset on E1 displays empty preset
  • blue hand on instrument rack “bass proj” > E1 displays empty preset
  • I reselect “bass proj” > E1 displays the “bass proj” preset but the parameter values are not updated.
  • press button switch > E1 refreshes the correct parameter values but does not display the ablt mixer.
  • press switch button > nothing happens
  • press switch button again > Mixer ableton is displayed on E1
  • press switch button > nothing happens

    The problem is similar with preset change via the touchscreen menu.

Attached log & project

projet test electra 4 (50.9 KB)

Dear @bob,

I think I found the problem. You have created a preloaded preset for a device named ‘bass proj’. As far as I can tell, this has been created by using the CC-map dumped for the instrument rack that contains the Mini V3. I can tell because the parameter names for the uploaded preset start with 'Macro ’ and then a number. This means the preset ONLY works if you select the INSTRUMENT RACK, and DOES NOT WORK if you select the Mini V3 instrument contained therein, even though the remote script actually uploads the preloaded preset you constructed. The reason it doesn’t work is that the Mini V3 reports the parameter names as e.g. CutOff or Emphasis, names that as far as the CC-map is concerned do not exist. I admit this is confusing, so I have to think how to make it less confusing.

The good news is, that you do not need to wait for my thinking to avoid this problem: simply always select the Instrument Rack and not the Mini V3 inside it. Alternatively, create a preset for the Mini V3 itself by selecting it. This creates a dump with the CC-map containing the parameter names as reported by the Mini V3, and use that CC-map in instead. But then: always select the Mini V3 and not the Instrument rack

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Problem fixed by always appending a hyphen - to the name of a plugin (or Max device) if its name is derived from an enclosing rack.

WARNING: users that already use this feature may need to update the names for the preloaded presets for their plugins or Max devices in!

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@Flyweight this probably applies to you.

Yes you are good @jhh, the parameter values are displayed correctly! Thanks for the explanation of how it works.
Another small bug :

The switch button works for device to mixer et not for Mixer to device.


Did you update to the latest version of the remote script?

Yes Sir ! On the other hand, I copied pasted the old version maybe that’s the cause… I’m just trying to insert the lines tonight.

No, using an old should not have an influence. To debug, can you

  • set DEBUG=5 in
  • run Ableton and try switching back and forth
  • send me the Log.txt and your

Ok, Here they are :

dbg SW-log (20.1 KB)

It appears the mixer preset is not sending a patch request. Can you try uploading the latest version of the Mixer.eproj (and/or the Mixer.alt.eproj) to the mixer slot (bank 6, first slot) on the E1 and try again?

Hello @jhh,

I have been looking at your Ableton Script on Github to see if I could try it. I have been building a setup for a long time where multiple controllers are used. In this configuration, the E1 is a direct controller for devices in Live, but in a custom mapping way. I have used MIDI mapping and now Clyphx binding to do that.

I see in your Ableton script a way to not have to use either one or the other and would be interested in building templates to control devices or parts of their parameters. In my setup, I use Push 2 to control the 8 topmost parameters I use for a device. Then I will map other parameters on the E1 that are not topmost but relevant. I also use the Clyphx snap device and morph between snaps on Ableton (I am not talking about the Ableton Macro variation but the Clyphx snap actions and macrobat [SNAP] rack to morph parameters).


That makes lots of devices full of parameters. Like all 127 exposed and available for 1 device.
like for example with Obsession VST :see_no_evil:

104 parameters exposed and all morphable easily with snap actions .

Then I would like to know:

  1. Would it be possible for your script to limit the number of parameters automatically generated when there is no preloaded preset? I saw that MAX_CC7_PARAMETERS and MAX_CC14_PARAMETERS are available, but I do not know if they limit the total number of created parameters or just limit the fact that they are in 7 bits or 14 bits.
  2. Could the beginning of the created parameters be shifted? I would need the script to begin creating a device template parameters after the 8th exposed one on a VST device, as an option.
  3. Finally, could these two options be activated or not per device? Something I could put in the This could look like:

BEGIN_PARAMETERS = 9 (to begin creating parameters at the 9th one) and something like MAX_NO_OF_PARAMETERS = 12 (to have a maximum of 12 parameters created)

as an example. I can “move” the parameters of a VST when in “configure” mapping mode on Ableton. Then it’s easy to have the 12 parameters (or more) I want to have on the E1 after the 8th exposed one, grouped.

That said, you have done a great job on this script! It also have a lot of potential for further integration. In my own configuration, it may need some adjustments, but for a “one controller” config, it’s great!
Thanks a lot of all this work ! :grin:

mmmh it must come from there. I didn’t think about it… I’m testing tonight… Close to bringing E1 and laptop to work… or not!

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MAX_CC7_PARAMETERS and MAX_CC14_PARAMETERS together limit the total number of generated parameters.

You can use PARAMETERS_TO_IGNORE for parameters that should not end up in generated presets (but this is global, not per device).

Your use case is very very specific, so I cannot really adapt the script specifically to this the way you ask.


I changed PARAMETERS_TO_IGNORE to allow one to specify parameters to ignore per device (for presets generated on the fly)