Ableton Live MIDI Remote Script / Control Surface

P.S. if you have a link to firmware 3.1.7 I can downgrade and test myself

Hey there!

Is it supposed to be working with the MK2 hardware already? If not, please dismiss my post and I’ll be patiently waiting until it is the case. However:

I followed the installation instructions using the latest github version thoroughly and am testing it with a very basic ableton project on my M1 mbp with macOS 12.6, ableton live 11.2.11 as well as 11.3. E1 firmware 3.2.6.

It works at the beginning, but after a short time the E1 becomes unresponsive and freezes. This can happen both in the Mixer preset as well in a currently selected device preset (not device specific it seems, happend with channelEq, AutoFilter, EQ8 open). Happens with both “Mixer.eproj” and Mixer.alt.eproj".

Do you have any hints what might be causing this behaviour?

Hi… I’ll have my hands on a mkII soon, and will test it myself. One Q already: do you have sendmidi installed and configured, or not?

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Well let’s say, I followed the steps to do so, but is there a quick way to confirm if it works properly?

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The log file should say something like

2023-05-28T22:52:20.612522: info: RemoteScriptMessage: E1 (debug): * Testing whether fast uploading of presets is supported.
2023-05-28T22:52:20.779209: info: RemoteScriptMessage: E1 (debug): * Fast uploading of presets supported. Great, using that!

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I just got my mkII and did some testing and ran into similar issues; for the time being I incremented some timeouts and that seems to work (but more testing needed, for which I do not have time right now). I’ve committed and pushed the changes so if you download the latest version from GitHub, you can test yourself.


thanks alot! I will do that once I’m back from work.

Firmware v3.3 for mkII us out. @jhh and I tweaked a few things and it all seems to work well now. The new firmware is available at


Thanks @martin for the amazing work!

I just pushed the latest version to GitHub. Let me know if you run into issues, or have suggestions for improvements. (P.S.: The dual setup, with a second E1 connected to the first to control the mixer is known not to work at the moment, but the will be resolved soon.)


P.S. The push mentioned yesterday actually only happened jus now :blush:


Just wanted to thank everyone and all that contributed to this script. Works really great for me(though I am still getting used to the menu of the actual Electra One… not so much the script).

Again wonder script! thank you!


I am very happy. Now using the MK2 the experience is smooth.
My previous unit caused Ableton to freeze for 2 seconds between plugin changes.
That severely blocked my workflow while recording/mixing etc.
Not sure but I thing my unit had some technical issues …

Now things are so smooth.
Haven’t even updated the remote script yet.

Thanks so much!

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