Ableton Live MIDI Remote Script / Control Surface

Big Thanks for the Script! :pray:

I manage to solve the “Script thing” with Ableton. It didn’t work the first time, but now it works, only “prev. track / next track” doesn’t work. what could be the reason for this?

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As I already wrote, the ableton srcipt works perfectly, only the “prev. page”, “next page” “buttons” do not, and it would be very important that this also works.
This is the error message in Ableton, at the bottom, in the small section:
Control surtace 1 (ElectraUne) > E1 managing tracks 14 - 1¢

Could someone help me? :pray:

Error message

Strange. You say the message reads : Control surface 1 (ElectraOne) > E1 managing tracks 14 - 18". That should not happen (it should start by managing tracks 1 - 5). When you start Ableton and open a new Live set, what is the first message being displayed? And what tracks does the mixer actually control?

With new project:
Control surface 1 (ElectraOne) > E1 managing tracks 1-5
But it doesn’t work either.

“something happened”, now it works perfectly.

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Hi @jhh,
is there any easy way to remove “Device On” button from Plugin Devices and Audio Effect Racks, please?

Unfortunately, the Script doesn’t work for me for some reason. if I were to use the Script, the E1 immediately goes “crazy”, the display does not respond and random parameters are switched on/off, which is “interesting” that after such a “crazy” I turn off the E1, reinstall the Firmware, but however, this state remains. The E1 must be switched off for at least 12 hours, only after that it works fine again. It’s a shame, because it would be very useful for me anyway…, but I don’t even dare to try it anymore, because then I can’t use the E1.

Hi. I would have to add a configuration option to the script for that. Added it to my todo list.

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That is indeed very strange behaviour. What version of the script and what version of firmware are you using? (The latest version of the script on Github expects the 3.0 beta version of the firmware, which is not ideal as it is incomplete).

I use 2.2 Fw.
the E1 also does not work well with the 3 Firmware. the settings are not displayed, etc

Version 3 of the firmware is beta, a lot of things do not work. Eg switching presets is also not possible. This is not something I can fix.

I know, is a beta
could you send me a Script folder for the 2.2 Fw that simply needs to be copied into the Ableton Live Script folder?

Hm… that’s not going to be easy…

Does anybody else notice strange/bad behaviour when running the most recent version of the remote script on the 2.2 firmware?

as I already wrote, if you start Ableton with E1 as “control surface”, using the script, this happens immediately, which can be seen in 2 videos.
an important question…
I already wrote that after “this happens”, no matter how much I turn off the E1, no matter how much I reinstall the 2.2 FW, reset, etc… nothing helps, this “crazy state” remains.
It would have been important for me to be able to use it last night, but I was careless and missed “switching off” the script ,…at E1 it got crazy,…unfortunately I couldn’t use it all evening. first I turned it off, waited 2 hours, just in case…, but after 2 hours of being turned off, I turned it on, and the same “crazy state” was still there.
I turned it on this morning and it works perfectly.
it would be very good to know that if “this happens”, how can “this condition” be eliminated?
just by waiting 12+ hours?

I tried the whole thing again from the beginning…
currently it works almost perfectly, the only problem with it is that when i switch to the the mixer preset, it does not see the “current values”. the control works, I can switch the tracks on/off, all “controllers” control Ableton, but in this case, if e.g. I want to set the volume on one track, first it jumps to zero, and that’s not good. I switch to another preset, control what I need, then switch back to the mixer preset, and everything is back to zero. what could be the reason for this?

Don’t know. This is not an issue in the latest 3.0 beta firmware, and can’t recall it being an issue on 2.2 either. You do use MidiPipe to merge the CTRL and Port 1 outputs of the E1 to send their combined output back to Live, right?

Added (and pushed to GitHub). See IGNORE_PARAMETERS configuration option.

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“You do use MidiPipe to merge the CTRL and Port 1 outputs of the E1 to send their combined output back to Live, right?”.

no. how should i do this?
I use a blokas midihub, the E1 midi 1 in/out connected to it, and the usb cable are connected to a mbp.
Where do control port messages come out?

Ah that explains it. Unless it really takes Martin a much longer time to polish version 3.0 of the firmware and release it officially, I am not going to try and maintain compatibility with the current (but hopefully soon outdated) 2.2 firmware. If you want to use this script, it is better to update to 3.0 beta.

when I got the E1, the beta 3 FW was the first one I tried, and I quickly noticed that quite a few functions didn’t work, as you wrote, I think even changing the presets. for my current project, I have a preset with which I control all the VSTI synths, so in the case of FW3, I could currently only use the Script if the 4 page of the mixer project is in a preset with my preset. Does the Script work if I somehow copy the pages to another bank’s preset, to another page? (bank1, Preset 1, page 6+) or if I copy my preset (3 pages so far) to the mixer preset?