Access Virus TI + router

Hi gentle folk,

I have released my Access Virus TI preset to the public. You can find it here in the Electra One Preset Library (here). It contains all parameters of a Part and a special router accompanies it (see description) to allow for full (all) parts (16) to be accessed. It is fully SysEx request/response mapped to allow for Request Patch operations.

Enjoy :smiley:!


Awesome. @martin this fits perfectly to my second request to have configuration controllers, that would switch the channel for all the other controllers in this patch, so you don’t need a separate script running somewhere (that is now working if you are composing standalone :slight_smile:

It is great! Testing it!

I noticed that Arp STEP 17 and STEP 20 have the same parameter number.

I am trying to implement a keyboard for better naming. Did you find any solution to that?

Thank you so much for pointed out. Fixed it.

I do not understand your question about keyboard & naming. Could you elaborate?

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Mapping out the abc or the characters to one page somehow, I find it very workflow disturbing when I got a sound and I want to save it, and name it. So if the ABC at least would be mapped out it would be much easier to name something, quickly

I’m sorry, I continue to not understand it. What is ABD?

The alphabet. ABC, not ABD, typo on my end.

When you name a patch in a virus it is really not user friendly. If we can map out the alphabet on one page to quickly name the patches.

This is interesting, as I can imagine almost every synth has this problem. Essentially, it would be cool to ‘initialize’ a patch and name it quickly, or rename an existing patch directly from Electra. Maybe a ‘text’ control with text length param? Haven’t cared to look at sysex support for stuff like naming in my synths. Should look it up!

I tried something, but it does not work as I thought it will.

Yeah, I can imagine the limitations of using just a virtual param for this. A dedicated control built for this is ideal. I will monkey with this in my preset today and see if there is any creative solution :slight_smile:.

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Curious to see your results and ideas!:slight_smile:
I will do the same later tonight!

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Preset name support has been discussed before (here) and at the time @martin thought it feasible. Great!

I’m not sure about other synths, but on the Virus TI the preset name is given in the SysEx Dump and could easily be accessed for display purposes. Editing it is an entire different story, as the console has no keyboard itself, so a kind of software keyboard (on screen?) would be required. Lot of work, sure. But it would be wonderful! :blush:


One control per letter of the patch name is the best we can do with the current ability :slight_smile:. Not too bad since we still get 30 odd characters if we dedicate a page for patch naming. Or, 15-16 even if we dedicate half a page.

What’s your thought on displaying the patch name on electra screen? One control per letter there too, or am I overlooking another possibility? Just thinking about what is possible with current build. Of course, when @martin is able to get to a different control to support this, it may get significantly better :slight_smile:.

When the part is changed in Electra, is the router able to catch that and push all values associated with the selected part back into Electra? If so, this is a pretty cool intermediate solution for me to address what I am referring to here.

Yes it does, it will (in my case) query the Virus TI whenever a Part Changes is done on the Electra One, and send the queried SysEx Dump (after applying the Port Mapping) to the Electra One, which with my Access Virus TI preset will result in all control to update. This also happens when a Bank Change or Program Change is done on that part.

The router holds no state other that the Port. So in that sense it is very generic, I’d say. I use it to route my Virus TI, TR-6S, MC-101, Deluge and Typhon. All in one go (as I call it: in one Scenario).

This Part Mapping (as I call it), is of course very synth specific (especially for SysEx messages), but this router allows for alternative mappings too, including no mapping (I call Forwarding). I think it is very extendable, so you could add your specific synth as an alternative, if you want. Or I could help you doing so. :wink:

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Very cool! Gonna check it out and make it work with my Virus TI rack (will get it tested in Windows :slight_smile:). Once that works, I would love to build a preset with it for the Yamaha RM50 that I just bought off Reverb yesterday. I am reasonably hands-on with nodejs. So, hoping it wouldn’t be too bad, especially due to how extendable you have built it. Will bother you more here :smiley:.

Nice collection of machines. How do you like that Deluge? I have an OG Circuit and have been thinking about a Deluge.

I’m happy to receive any Pull Request (PR). If you have questions please ask. Would love to know if this thing runs, if at all, on Windows.

I love the Deluge, it is a vital part of me being DAW-less. I route all me generative MIDI through the Deluge, so that I can record whenever I see fit. I use it less as a sound source these days, but it does hold a decent synth, sampler & drum machine. My other gear that can play samples I use even less. Maybe I’m more of a synth guy than a sample guy. I look very much forward to the Euclidean capabilities of the next firmware version (soon I hope).

About generative stuff, the electra-one repo holds a (I think) nice Acid Line generator, check the command-line help. It needs a Electra One preset called Bacara Acid (wich you can find in the presets folder.

Let me know how you proceed. Happy to help. :blush:

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