Activate Control Set after Page change via SysEx


Using a MIDI monitor I recognized that the Control Set buttons send a SysEx command which contains the information about the activated Control Set (EcontrolSetId=x).

I copied the whole SysEx command and tried to send it to E1 but it doesn’t change anything. I also extracted just the Control Set command but it didn’t do anything either.

Should this work by default or is this again something where I have to learn scripting before I can use it? :thinking:

Thanks for some enlightening.

which Electra port did you send the command to? There’s 3 ports: PORT_1, PORT_2, PORT_CTRL.
Try sending it to the CTRL port. By default it’s probably going to PORT_1

@oldgearguy Thanks for your hint.

I used the CTRL port. The MIDI monitor shows the correct target and the E1 also highlights “USB MIDI” which proofs the command is being received. It just doesn’t change anything.


this was quite a tough one :slight_smile: I was looking for that SysEx message in the firmware source code and could not find it. Then I read your message again and noticed that you actually modified the message :slight_smile:

Not all E1 SysEx messages work in both directions. What you found is a message that is used for tracking what is happening inside Electra. eg. Electra One Console application or the Log Viewer of web use that. It means that it is the controller that sends that message. When you send the message back to the controller, it will flash the USB MIDI indicated (because data has been received) but it will just ignore the message.

There is no SysEx command on changing the control set yet. It makes sense to add it though. In what situation would you use that?

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Hi @martin,

thanks for your explanation and sorry that my “modified” message led to confusion. I caught the whole message using a MIDI monitor, compared it with different control sets and recognized the changes that even led to the real-time message on the right hand side in my screenshot. So I just extracted it and thought it could be used to remotely activate the desired control set.

I investigated a bit in which way the E1 could also be used for software. I use it in combination with Keyboard Maestro and came to pretty cool results for i.e. video editing tools where the knobs of E1 allow me to zoom in and out the timeline or the canvas and something like this. Which is a way better workflow than doing it with mouse, trackpad or buttons.

Also I managed to control the audio volume of some apps. I already managed to call the correct page but don’t need a whole page for one app. Sometimes it’s just three controls. So I created a page for more apps but wanted to also set the correct control set together with the page select command so that I can use the knobs straight away without the need to press a button first. IMHO this definitely would make also sense for instruments to prepare scenes that call the page AND the control set I like to use for a specific scenario.

Hope this makes sense.

Have a good start into the upcoming week. :wink:


Wow… that’s a super interesting use case! (It somehow turns the Electra One into a TouchBar on steroids - people with a few years old MacBook Pro know what I mean)


Thanks! Even though I skipped that MacBook version with the TouchBar I can imagine that it could probably be used like this in a way. But I really like the knobs on the E1 which provide a more precise and even way faster way to control thinks I mentioned.

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this idea has been around for a while. Please note that as of upcoming version 3.0, Electra can be configured to send sequences of keyboard key strokes and mouse events. Firmware supports that already (3.0), the web editor still needs doing.


Thanks @martin!
Looking forward to it.

Will this update then also feature the ability to target control sets via SysEx?