Addition to Controller Configuration screen

Is it possible to add a “Logging/Debugging” on/off option to the controller screen?

If I try sending the MIDI string as a copy/paste from the documentation to the MIDI console, it is an invalid string with the hex notation. Adding quotes - still invalid. Removing the 0x prefixes - still invalid. It looks like the MIDI console needs decimal numbers only??

yeah, I know I am going to update all the hex numbers on the docs. I am personally used to 0x notation, but midi console uses the sendmidi format. ie. decimal numbers are just plain numbers and hex has the “h” suffix. (0Ah, 10h, 7fh, …)

ohh - didn’t try h. That will work then. I’m good with hex, but converting back to decimal in my head is slow. :grin:

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In general this seems to work, except when I try to send numbers that do not contain letters.

so – F0h 0Ah 3Bh all work. When I put 60h in the array I get an error message saying something about invalid something near 60h

I had to change it to a regular decimal (96) for it to work properly. This was inside an array assignment loop inside some LUA code. myMsg = {10, 0, 0Ah, 60h, 3Bh}

the notation with “h” suffix works in the MIDI console. For Lua the native Lua syntax must be used. I do not convert the code in any way.

Thinking about that… I will probably add the 0x format to MIDI console. That way it will accept more ways of expressing the hex numbers.

And yeah, I was thinking about having a small built-in hex/dec/bin convertor or calculator in the web app. Switching to different app to convert numbers is irritating…