Allowed ASCII characters in Control Labels

Hi @martin ,

What are exactly the allowed ASCII characters that are allowed in a control label?

(as you know I use SysEx to change those quite a lot)

I found that (for example) ‘&’ is not allowed (is that correct?).
Would love to be able to filter out those bad guys :blush:


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Hi @joris.roling, current v2.1.x uses a subset of the ASCII. It starts with the space (20h) and goes up to _ (5Fh). The & should be fine. I just tested that and I can use it no problem.

FYI, I am going to extend above with the lower case and some extra characters. When done, the most of the ASCII (20h … 7Eh) will be covered.

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Thanks @martin,

I’m sure I had a control showing a blank label when instructed to show somethine like “Bla & Bla”, by removing the “&” it showed up. Will check again. Thnx!

Couldn’t it be that some unicode flavour of & was sent? I had similar issue on MacOs with the double quotes in the past…

I’ll check my code, but I don’t think so. I’ll let you know…