An update

Martin- family comes first, don’t worry about us. Best wishes for her recovery!

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All the best to you and your family!

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Positive vibes and well wishes man. We can hold things down.

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Wholeheartedly with you and your family.

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Thanks for keeping us updated Martin. I hope your family’s health is improving.

I woulds very much like to purchase an Electra One. Is it possible to somehow be informed when they become available again? e.g. social media or an Electra One mail-out?

Thanks, Mick

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Thanks Mick!

The situations is that I am now settled in Maastricht, Netherlands. We will have to stay here for about 8 months. A good thing is that I recently started working on the project again. All the efforts and time now go to the firmware programming and changes of the website application.

As 8 months is quite a long time, I am trying to organize things so that the manufacturing could be done even if I am present in the Czech workshop. Please subscribe the “Availability” thread here on the forum (Availability) by hitting the “Watching” icon. All announcements will be posted there.




Sorry to hear, Martin. I hope things are better now for your wife and you. Sending positive vibes and energy, despite being a few months late to see this news.


An update for those who followed this. My wife and I returned home last weekend after being in Maastricht, Netherlands for almost a year. It was not easy time but it helped and the situation is much better now.

Starting today, I am working from our workshop again, with Zdenek and all the equipment around me :slight_smile:

I would like to say thank you for great support I received from many of you. And to whole community for being very tolerant to my frequent absences. I truly hope I will have much more time to work on E1 now!


Really happy for you to hear that things get better . :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And again thank you for all . We are so lucky to have you and your team make this incredible device . And more true with all the context you described ! Whatever, health is the priority and i am also proud to be part of this incredible E1 community . Even if i am not the most active one :star_struck: . I really appreciate the way that people interact and share informations/Knowledge ! Great people all around this fantastic project .


Glad to read this. Thanks so much for letting us know.

As already mentioned in a PM I believe that your always kind and engaged way to behave and react is one of the most important reasons that the E1 community is such a great one. I can’t agree more with what @Abbes already wrote.

Thanks for all!


So glad that things are working out for you and your family, @Martin !
Wonderful news! So good to hear!

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great to read this martin! i’m very happy for you all

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I was so happy to read that your wife is doing better. Family is always the most important thing. Nice to have you back Martin :slight_smile:

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A year is a long time to deal with an illness. Hope you’re all doing good now.