Mk2 , Pages, Presets . Does it monitors parameters accross presets?

Hello @martin !
I received my E1 MKII !!! So mutch thanks !! :grin: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

First i was suprised because i thought it would be delivered with an external power supply regarding the threads but just the USB is enough ! Of course the USB have to deliver enough power and it seems to be the case :wink: . For me it’s a really good point !

Now i began to update the firmware and began to test it .
The first point for me was to see if it could monitors the data (CC in my case ) accross the presets .
I understood (Now i think,i was wrong) the fact that it could monitor 5000 parameters … it was accross the presets ?
But it seems not .
Would it be the case ? Or would it be possible to have more pages in one presets ?

That is said . Now that i have 2 of them , then 24 pages is enough for my project :wink:

But yes , it could be great to make multiple vst template (for example) and keep them all monitored accross the E1 , Whatever presets we are on .
Or perhaps , i miss something ?
Whatever, i am really greatfull for this second E1 ! I begin tu build my mix template now i have it !

PS : I also begin to try to work together with the app . I found that open one E1 on Chrome and the Other on Vivaldi (i use vivaldi) seems to work . But i had weird behavior at some point . Can’t say a lot more as i just checked . I will work on my second (mix) template now and i will see that later .

PS2 : Also i had my answer regarding port , It created a port#2 for the second electra . Cool :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :sunny: :grin:


Hi @Abbes

the parallel presets feature is prepared and I am testing it. I have decided to initially deliver the mkII configured to be fully compatible with mkI. This is to make it easier to get rid of all initial issues and incompatibilities using the knowledge of all mkI users. It is happening now. Once things settle down a little bit and I hope it will be soon three things will happen:

  1. Parallel presets will be unlocked on mkII
  2. The mkII MIDI router page will be made accessible in the web
  3. Changes to the website will be made so that mkI and mkII presets can live in the same time in our database. I want to prevent all mkI presets to spontaneously become bigger and capable of running on mkII only.

Stay assured, the parallel processing is cool and preset switching does not take longer than page switches!

The features will also be available on beta first. To make sure that it will not hurt anybody on the stage and will allow users to test it.


Just …Ready for the ride !!! :sunglasses: :surfing_man: :beach_umbrella: :sunny: !!!
So cool !
Also take your time, i know there is a lot going on right now !
It’s so great !!
Have a nice day Martin !!!