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I’m using E1 for hardware and software synths and plugins. I would love to switch between presets that I have for everything on the fly. Go from an EQ, back to a hardware synth to a software synth etc.

If I’m not mistaking there are only 12 preset slots? If there is more slot or maybe some type of scrolling list to select the preset you want to use at the time? Or if something like that isn’t feasible make a shortcut where you hold preset button and press a button on the screen or the knob that it brings up 12 more presets. That’ll be 144 presets.

The limit of 12 presets is a user interface limitation. We wanted to offer a simple way for switching between “reasonable” number of presets. Technically, there can be thousands of presets stored in Electra. Extending the number of presets is more less about finding a good concept. The upcoming version 2 brings the swipeable lists and selection windows. These will definitely help to make it happen.

The limit of 12 pages will stay. It is given by the amount of RAM memory.


Thanks for the response Martin. Looking forward to version 2.

A quick question on the 12 page limit. Is there any possibility that there can be more than 12 pages but still have a limit of the (36*12 = 432 slots) per preset? I ask because I’m working on a large preset that I wish I could categorize in pages, but the pages would be more than 12, even though the overall number of slots used would be less than 432. Because otherwise, I have many “categories” of items to manipulate that are say 20 or 25 slots each and I’d have to split categories up between pages just to get it all to fit. Ideally, I’d like to have fewer items on a page so I can keep the categories together over more pages instead of having 12 dense pages of buttons, etc. Thanks.

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well, the limit of 12 comes out of the hardware design. I mean by the number of knobs that can be used for the selection.

Where I am heading, however, is to make it possible to create “sub-pages”. @RobinC came with that idea and I like it a lot. Currently, if you long-hold a Control, you will get a window with the “Detail of the control” - the larger version. Robin’s idea is to make it possible to display a window with number of controls instead. This is basically an extension of my work on the “Page switching buttons”. The harder part is that such a change will require making changes to the preset JSON file format. That always needs to be done carefully and with care to make sure that it will not make any harm to people who run older versions of the firmware.


That would really be helpful and would allow for my more complex design. A few of the pages are related (such a page for filter parameters, and a sub-page for filter modulation sources, etc.). I could organize this out easily with sub pages. Thank you. I know it’s difficult to add such a feature that is compatible with current FWs. Looking for to it!

Just brainstorming here:

I do not like the idea of sub pages that are selected when long holding a button.
It would then in my opinion be a better idea to extend on the idea “page switch buttons”
I think the design philosophy should always aim for as least click and sub-windows as possible to maintain overview and fast workflow.

Sub windows are always an extra step.
This we have for example with preset selection.
And the user has to get out of that window as well.

What about a “page switch buttons” which can also set the “control set id” you want to jump to on that page?
Like this you can do what @OldManZero describes but even more granular.

Is the able to remember the parameter map after switching presets? Are these dumped to flash?
If so then as well the “preset switch buttons” will be a great asset as well.
I found that if a template has patch parsing implemented then you do not need to restore the parameterMap but you can just reload the patch from your device.
But it is desirable in situations here 1 preset cannot cover all controls.

For example for the Mirage template I want to build a dedicated preset for micro-tuning and scales. This I could then add as a button to the Mirage template and jump there when needed.

Basically a simplistic implementation of both page and preset switches where you can give some arguments like controlsetId or PageId should provide very powerful navigation possibilities the now does not have.

@Flyweight, could you explain the page switch button idea a bit more? I’m not fully understanding it. What type of button are you describing?

I’m also not understanding the use case for a “preset switch button” either. Are you suggesting that you have buttons that hotlink to separate presets? So you double the available space by linking two presets to each other?

I’m in favor of subpages because I need more space to layout large numbers of editable parameters in logical groupings that wouldn’t be possible with just 12 pages of space. Sub pages offers more “real estate” to lay out the parameters. How exactly would the preset/page switch buttons help this?


just a button as we have now the are called “PADS” in the editor.

so it will occupy 1 slot.
The button can be configure to which page (pageId) to jump to.
Or even which pageId and which section (row of controlls) of that page.

Besides a “Page Select” button also “Preset select button”

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