Anyone have multiple electra.ones?

I’m curious - anyone out there have 2 (hah, or 3) of these? I use mine practically every time i make sound.

Given that you really can just have one instrument editor going at a time, I find myself starting to fantasize about having another on the other side of the room…it’s just nice to have the electra right next to the synth I’m editing.

Well, maybe I’ll come to my senses. I got far enough to see that apparently there are none for sale right now…

I have 2 Electra One’s. Yeah, it is very easy to get used to have one preset fixed to a certain task, I was constantly swapping presets, and two of them did solve that a bit (three of them would even more!). Can only say that I feel very comfortable have two side-by-side.

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I actually use one Electro One and a Novation Launchcontrol XL at the moment. The latter mainly because of the phisical sliders and only as main controller for my BlackBox (1010 music). But I might consider to switch as well to more Electra Ones. Time will tell…

I have two, and very similar to @joris.roling, I have gotten very comfortable having two side-by-side. While preset swapping is quick enough, I do end up dedicating one electra for one task most of the times.

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I have two. Sometimes used side by side and I keep one on a “main screen” of a preset and use the other to toggle around the rest of the preset. Sometimes move one to another desk where I have some other equipment setup.

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