Basic Routing, MIDI forwarding

Hello there, got a really basic question:

im successfully can control my tx81z via midi IN/OUT 1 but the incoming note data from MIDI IN 2 will not be forwarded top MIDI 1, already checked different routing settings but couldn’t find a solution to the problem. thanks a lot <3

Hi, at this moment E1 can route messages between the MIDI interfaces (eg. USB device → MIDI IO, etc), and allows MIDI through on MIDI IO (ie. MIDI IN → MIDI OUT). Rouging between ports (ie. MIDI 2 → MIDI 1) is not supported yet. The feature is on the way though. I am about to release v3.5 update. Extended routing is planned for upcoming v3.6.


Luckely I have found this post. I would really appreciate a routing option MIDI 1 to MIDI 2 and vice versa.