E1 Midi Merge/Split?

Can the E1 merge and/or split midi data between din and usb midi ports?

Currently E1 automatically forwards all messages between the interfaces. ie. if there is a message sent to USB host port, it will be automatically forwarded to corresponding MIDI I/O port and USB device port. This works in all directions. It means that the messages from different interfaces are merged. Any message generated with touch or turning knobs will be merged too.

I decided to use this setup at the start of the project. There are people who like it and they are people who would prefer having this more under control.

i see three ways to go in future:

  • leave it as it is
  • extend the midi controller firmware to have more options to configure forwarding and merging data
  • keep midi controller firmware with current setup and provide different firmware that would act as a forwarder/merger/splitter

I kind of prefer the 3rd option. But number of hardware ports is limited.

What are you looking for exactly? How the merge / split should work for you? Sharing your idea may help making the decisions.


Unfortunately, I have run into another issue with the E1 that made me put it aside out of frustration before testing but the midi routinng should work.

This is a bit of a necropost but having just got a nanokontrol2 to make life easier with my octatrack it’d be REALLY GREAT if I could send usbhost to ‘midi out 2’ (octatrack) only. Rather than spamming a different synth connected to midi out 1 with ccs I don’t want to send to it.
(And yes, sadly I have devices spread across more than 16 channels, hence the use of second midi out… :-))

Ah, my bad I see this is actually possible using the ‘on device’ usb host config. :slight_smile:

I’m using bome midi translator to manage my controllers and I’ve problems due to the merge behaviour of E1.
Reading inside forum I noticed that’s possible to change this reaction, someone can confirm me this? And how to do?

Check the router settings. You set / change them via the E1 website, the controller page.

Thanks Newignis, It’s months since I last tinkered E1 :pray: