Behringer PRO-800 edit buffer request?

I wonder if there is an edit buffer request for the Pro-800? I also wonder if Behringer has a Sysex implementation to download? According to Behringer there is both CC and NRPN control of all parameters but no information about sysex :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Preset-Structure-Document_BE_0718-ABF_PRO800_A3.pdf (160.2 KB)

Info you may find here Behringer Pro-800 - #7 by NewIgnis

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Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

Maybe this can be of some help. It would be interesting to see what MIDI messages it sends when using it.

Can someone please explain this for me?

Information from:

MIDI system exclusive data is 7 bits (00-7F), but Pro 800 data uses 8-bit bytes. These bytes are encoded as follows. Each sequence of seven bytes x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x6 x7 is preceeded by a byte x0 that specifies the MSBs of the following seven bytes. The MSB of x0 specifies the MSB of x7; the LSB of x0 specifies the MSB of x1, and so on.

My guess is…

x0 = 0x000000 (1 bit)
x1 = 0xxxxxxx (7 bits)
result = xxxxxxxx (8 bits)

x0 = 00x00000 (1 bit)
x2 = 0xxxxxxx (7 bits)
result = xxxxxxxx (8 bits)

x0 = 000x0000 (1 bit)
x3 = 0xxxxxxx (7 bits)
result = xxxxxxxx (8 bits)

…and so on?

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yes, it looks like packed 8-bit format, see System Exclusive Data Packing

I used it when working on DSI Mopho preset.

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Thanks Martin for great support as always :slight_smile:

Yes that’s it. In my pro800 I then used the 7 most significant bits to align the sysex with the corresponding CC

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