[Resolved] Pro-800 response get clipped

I’m testing a Pro-800 Preset.
However the SysEx responses get clipped, depending on the patch that is requested.

Here I request the SysEx dump of patches A1, A2 and A3 consecutively. The Pro-800 responds with a length of 202, then 193 then 199 bytes ! Weird indeed.
But the E1 sees this as responses of 202 then 161 then 199 bytes. Why is the second 32 bytes shorter in the receipt than in the transmission?


In the mean time I learned that the original Pro-800 presets had variable length in their SysEx; the names could be 0 to 15 characters long, always ending on 00, but it shortened or lengthened the SysEx accordingly!

In various firmware updates the SysEx then got extended with additional parameters after the name section. In other words, depending on the patch name and the firmware version the patch was made with, the SysEx dump changes its length ! You can have 10 or 20 different SysEx dump lengths that way!

Een after updating the Pro-800 to the latest firmware, it doesn’t change the SysEx length of the existing presets. I will first need to find a conversion method to align all presets of the Pro-800 to the current fixed length format, before trying to parse correctly.

The fault is with the Behringer Sys-Ex. You need to upgrade to the latest firmware, then recall and save each preset again to its own number. Only then the Sysex dumps get a fixed length.

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