Bitmap scrambling [SOLVED]

I’ve been testing the list bitmap graphics. I seem to be getting a lot of scrambling, as if the data isn’t being loaded in the right order. Reloading the preset will sometimes correct it, but when one graphic is fixed another one will get scrambled.

edit: I’ve also been changing presets and the graphics sometimes disappear all together. Hard to reproduce this because it’s intermittent.

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@urbanspaceman thanks for reporting! I will review it and I will try to fix it (including other issues reported) in upcoming 1.3.2 release.

Ryan, can you send me that particular preset? thx!

Bitmap Lists (RG).epr (27.5 KB)

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I love it! The bitmap support is quite in its infancy but your bitmaps look just great. Will get the issue fixed. It looks like the offset in videoram is a bit shaky.

Fixed in firmware 1.3.2

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