Black screen after updating FW with wrong (old) editor [Solved]

Hi, I want let you know that I got my E1 yesterday and I hooked it up occassionally with an old chrome editor, after getting update alert and try to update, then I got an non-booting E1. After contacting Martin and his fast answer and proposal to go trough the issue, he managed it and now it is back again.
Martin solved it via a zoom session, what a support, great and unbelievable !!
The working editor is Electra One App


Thank you @Klangschmied. Your suggestion with the zoom session made whole thing easy and personal.

We have stopped the legacy editor so it should not be making troubles.

A general message here is that there are still many things to do and improve on Electra, if anybody sees something weird or has issues, post it on the forum or reach out for me (chat, mail, zoom). Despite I am rather busy a happy Electra user is always the priority :slight_smile:

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Martin, it was a pleasure for me to solve the non booting problem…and you are always online and answering, you never sleep :slight_smile:

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