My E1 doesn't boot (no splash screen at all – it’s fully black) after get stuck while stay at 88% firmware update

Hard reset works. But the display is still black. And beta firmware update stuck again at 88%.

Only latest firmware stable v2.2 works. Beta firmware update via browser stuck always at 88%.

Okay, strange. Now it works. Back in beta game.

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yes, I noticed that this is occasionally happening when using the browser for the firmware update. Especially, when doing more than one update in a row. I have not been able to find the reason of that yet.

If you ran into that issue, the following procedure fixes that:

  1. disconnect electra
  2. quite the browser (really stop the application, clsong the window is not enough)
  3. start the browser
  4. connect Electra
  5. click the update button on the back panel of the controller (the recessed button next to the round MIDI IO connectors)
  6. go to the Controller :: Firmware update page and run the update again
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