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I recently bought Cherry Audio’s Memorymode, and have started to create a preset. They have a pretty cool MIDI Learn function where you can see lists of assigned controller numbers, make changes, etc. I can handle the straightforward knobs and regular buttons (and a big thank you to SmartBits, I learned a few things by studying your posted presets!), but I am stuck on trying to figure out how to control a button where you can select and hold to get a menu. For example I can assign a CC button to turn Poly Mode on/off, but there does not appear to be a way to select the individual menu choices (no assignable MIDI values) once you click on it. Please see attached; any ideas would be appreciated, but I am thinking this might be an example of something that would just have to be selected from the Memorymode plugin itself. Thanks!

its not uncommon for some synths/vsts to have some values that are not controllable via automation, midi learn, or cc… usually its items the developers do not consider to be ‘perfomance’ controls.

I dont have this synth…
but perhaps its just something cherry audio do not support via thier midi learn function?

if its a VST, you could look to see if in your DAW it appears as an automation/parameter on the vst.
if it does, then you could use the DAWs midi learn to control it.
(though Ive a suspicion it probably is not exposed as a vst parameter either :wink: )

your best bet is to ask Cherry Audio themselves.
as I said, its probaby just something they thought noone would need … so may be able to implement it in a future release?

btw: I think the thread title is a bit misleading …
there is nothing really generic about midi learn on vsts, and so about learning ‘buttons with menus’, its very specific to this one particular vst/synth - it may well work on others.

the only perhaps ‘common’ element to this, is really you would not (as a designer) put performance parameters on a menu like this… so as above, this would mean they’d also be less likely to be mappable.

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I have a support request in to Cherry Audio, but I think I am going to take your advice and just make a simple button, in this case to select Poly vs Mono Keyboard Mode. Sometimes in a fit of OCD I try to get every possible parameter represented in Electra, where just the basics would be adequate.


Update: Cherry Audio have gotten back to me and told me accessing menus via MIDI is currently not possible. I have uploaded a preset, but left in the “inactive” List Faders for now.

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