Can only send a preset once to E1 Mk1

I think I have an invalid temp file on the Mk1: everytime I send a preset into the E1, the editor keeps showing the 3 moving dots in the upper left corner.
I then need to close and restart the editor to be able to send presets again.

But I forgot if and how I can move the Mk1 into a USB disk mode, so I can remove that temp file.
If that is the solution of course…

In mk2 you reach the USB disk mode in the loader (turn on with bottom right button).

As far as I know, there is no way with current firmware to place mk1 into USB disk mode. You will have to open it and manually access the card to remove it (1 minute operation on the mk2, never done in the mk1).

Martin may help you by providing a file with the contents of ElectraOne mk1 so you would format the card, and then place the contents provided back on it. (obviously, you will have a clean ElectraOne)

But as you said, IF that is the solution of course…

Did you try booting it pressing the top left button?

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Yes, I tried it with several button combinations, but at no avail yet

Seems like you indeed need to do what I described. However, Martin is the only one who can help you with the content files.

Is this happening with all presets or just a specific one? If it’s the latter, which preset is causing the issue? Thx!

mk1 does not support USB disk mode.

I indeed do not have it on other presets. It happens consistently on Electra One App.

Is there a way I can detect the fault myself and remediate?

I now have it as well on Electra One App