Can't connect to Mk1 anymore [Resolved]

I updated yesterday to FW 3.2.1. During that session all worked fine, until at the very end when the PC lost the connection. Anyway I was finished for the day, so didn’t think too much about it

Today, I can’t make the Mk1 connect anymore.

The preset made still seem to work via the DIN MIDI ports

On the E1 the top left ‘USB DEVICE’ indication keeps flickering at around 2-4 times per second, even if the E1 is the only device connect to the Elektron Overhub.

I swapped the Overhub (have two of them) but the flickering remains.
I changed the USB cable: same result.

Pressed the right reset : the flickering stopped and the Mk1 freezes.
After restarting, the flickering came back.
Now I pressed the left reset; and the screen remains blank, but with faint backlighting.
After restarting, the flickering came back.

When then I reloaded the Google Chrome page for, Google Chrome froze.

What should I do?

When I have these lockups in Windows/Chrome I bring up Task Manager on the PC.
You’ll probably see a bunch of Chromes still running even when the browser is shut down.

You have to end all those tasks first. Sometimes that requires a reboot.
Recently (3.2) I have had lockups and what I do is this – as soon as the E1 locks up I close the browser.
Then I bring up Task Manager and kill all the Chromes that I can (always 1 will not die). At that point, I unplug the E1 from the computer and the remaining Chrome instance dies.

As a general rule, I bring up a browser first, start up the page, wait for the “your Electra isn’t connected” message then plug in the E1.

That sequence 99.9% of the time results in the E1 being recognized and the debug window showing that logging is enabled.

It is the update button. When you click it, E1 mk1 gets switched to the bootloader mode and waits for the firmware file to be updated.

It looks like that the firmware update was not 100%. I would suggest to:

  1. quit chrome
  2. disconnect and connect E1 again
  3. press the recessed update button on the back panel (the one next to the round DIN connectors)
  4. open chrome and go to the controller section
  5. run the update by clicking the “force update” button

It flickers because there is a communication between the browser and the controller.

Normally, it just exchanges info about the hardware and software version. Flickering suggests that it keeps trying to get that information.

I can see that your Electra One got connected to the web editor for the last time today at around 13:15, running version 3.2.1. It was most likely connected via MioXL (port names suggest that).

@NewIgnis I am still thinking about. Can’t it be that you changed the configuration of E1 ports in the web app and it is not in line with your MioXL and/or direct connection?

this is what I can see in the server logs:

v3.2.1, 06/06/2023, 13:15:50, In:2- DAW 14 B, Out:2- DAW 8 B

It means that you were not using the standard ports / connection earlier today.

That is very weird. Those ports you mention are USB ports to connect my second MioXL (which is called MioXL B) to the DAW. those have noting to do with the E1. The E1 is physically connected via USB to my PC (via the Elektron Overhub), and via DIN MIDI 1 In / out of the E1 into DIN MIDI 2 In/out of MioXL A.

I see the same incorrect mapping appear as a suggestion on my PC indeed for manual connection. Probalby a result from inadvertent fooling around yesterday evening. But surely that should have no effect? I’ve never been able to connect the E1 manually under any circumstances. Only when the web editor ‘finds’ the E1 by itself a connection was established.

In any case, the “forced update” doesn’t work.
In the first attempt, I pressed the recessed update button only once. Immediately the E1 screen froze. When then starting the forced update , the progress moved to 100%. After rebooting (manually) the E1 we were back at the beginning (= flickering USB DEVICER marker).

In the second attempt, I pressed the recessed update button twice. Now the E1 screen went dark. When then starting the forced update , the progress didn’t move at all. After rebooting the E1 we were back at the beginning.

In the third attempt, I pressed the recessed update button only once. Immediately the E1 screen froze again. When then starting the forced update , this time the progress didn’t move at all. After rebooting the E1 we were back at the beginning.

Then I rebooted both PC and the E1, but the results remained as described above.

thanks @martin 5 minutes with you and the sky clears :slight_smile:

Lessons learned: if you inadvertently change the midi ports for a manual connection, it influences the automated connection as well.

And the flickering of the USB DEVICE marker was not because of repetitive attempts to reconnect, it was because of a MIDI IN Clock on DIN MIDI port 1, that shows up at the USB.

I’m learning every day, but in this case it’s a PEBCAK (= problem exists between chair and keyboard) :laughing:


I would comment on this a little :slight_smile:

it is actually a wanted behaviour. If user changes a MIDI ports manually, the settings is saved. Without that users that use non-standard ports (eg. when connected via router) would have to change it every time they use E1 editor.

I’d guess that USB DEVICE is flickering because the clock from DIN MIDI 1 port is forwarded to the USB DEVICE port.

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