Edge & Chrome - can't connect Electra One MKII [Solved]


got my Electra One MK II today and I can not connect it with Edge or Chrome browser. I’m on Win10 22H2

Selected ports manualy (short flash on midi bar activity).

Updated to Firmware 3.2.6. change Edge settings.

Can someone help me, what should/can I do now?

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Hi, I have sent you a chat message. If you have a moment, pls, join me there.

Hey Martin, got no chat message

I would like to say thank you to @Mr.Mochocho. We spent several hours on the online chat to find out what was happening on his computer. And we found that. Without @Mr.Mochocho’s help and patience it would be very hard to identify and resolve the issue.

For those encountering difficulties with the detection of the Electra One controller in the app.electra.one web editor, it is highly recommended to update the controller to version v3.2.7 or a later release. Detailed instructions on how to update can be found at Updating Electra One mkII.


What was the problem?

Some E1 serial numbers (which are based on serial numbers of the CPU inside the unit) invalidated the SysEx JSON message that E1 uses when it initiates the connection with the web editor. As result, these units seemed to work just fine but could not connect the editor application.


I’m impressed not only with the build quality of the unit, but also with the high quality of the service.
Thank You.


I’m only send my time, but you solved the problem Martin… honour to whom honour is due!

This is really true Sergejs !