E1 mkII crashing after start up

Hi, basically every time I start up the E1, after a little while the whole screen gets scrambled up (in different degrees of extremity: sometimes completely filled up with colours and pixels, sometimes only scramble of the white text symbols) and I have to restart it. After that - it works fine.

I notice I’m getting ‘used to it’ but I did think of mentioning it - because it is actually happening every single time. I updated to the latest firmware.

Thank you, Jasper

Hi, I am working on that issue. I have provided an adjusted “test” firmware to other two users who are experiencing the same issue. I am waiting for a confirmation if the fix works. I can provide that firmware to you too. Just let me know. Thx!

Hi Martin! Happy new year. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes - send me that test firmware? Just so that I can then also test it.

I just received a confirmation from one of the users that it resolved the issue. To test it out, please download the following firmware: http://docs.electra.one/controller-v3.5.1a.srec.zip and update your controller. Let me know if it helped. Thx!

Hi Martin, for some reason I can’t seem to download that firmware… perhaps you can email it to me?



@martin can you send me the firmware in some other way? Thank you!


I am sorry, I was travelling this week and was mostly away from the computer. There is an updated and improved version: http://docs.electra.one/controller-v3.5.3b.srec.zip

I am sending the file in PM just in case, the download did not work for you.


Hi @martin i managed to download and install it, but unfortunately it makes no difference - it crashes (freezes) every time, after a little while.


Hi Jasper, would it be possible to share the picture of the screen when it crashes? You mentioned that the graphics is scrambled. What preset are you using?

Hi @martin - well since I installed the last firmware (*.b) it just froze every time after a little while. So no scrambled graphics, but just blocking all controls. I then have to restart it.

Hope this helps. I’m running a custom preset, but nothing special I think

Hmmm after spending some more hours with it, it remains doing all right. No more freezing for the past hours. Sorry for the false alarm. I’ll let you know if it should return! Jasper