Channel as control on screen


Would it be an idea to have the channel of a device be exposed as a control? Let me explain…

I plan to make an instrument file for the Virus TI. The Virus TI has 16 parts (channels), which are identical. It would be nice to allow the preset to have a control that would determine the channel (i.e. part on the Virus TI) for it’s device controls, and when it changes value all the relevant patch requests are resend (with regards the new channel setting). This would prevent me from having an instrument definition for every part. It also requires (of course) to honour the channel placeholder in the sysex definitions (I hope both in the header as well as the request), but you said that would be part of the upcoming firmware.

It would also very much help in making a proper (full) editor as every part in the Virus TI has about 390 parameters, thus one part pretty much fills up the entire Electra One. A channel control would be really great.

Looking forward to your response (and the ordered Electra One for that matter).