In 99% of the time, I use the Electra One as Performance-Controller. For that I assign different Channels and CCs to the topmost 12 Knobs to control various Parts of Synths and Drums on my devices. The thing is: What I have to change on what device changes a lot.

It would be Awesome if there was an Configuration-Element in the Editor with a few options (as an example):

  1. Select the Control (Screen#-Knob#)
  2. Select the MIDI Port / MIDI Channel of that Control
  3. Select the CC Value of that Control
    (4. (Optional) change Min, Max, Default value)
    (5. (Optional) Somehow edit the caption)

That way you could have one Preset that you could configure with itself by placing the configuration controls on later pages of the preset.

Best, Jens