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Yeah, kind of seems weird to create a controller preset for a controller, but I like being able to see all the settings and scroll through them to see what happens.


This would be a great preset for a pop-up piano keys overlay. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Still a lot to implement and cleanup, but it’s currently fun and functional for what it does. Recommend having it somewhat near the NDLR just to see the visuals for the various patterns.


the dangers of doing edits on a public preset… Somehow the preset won’t retrieve values now.
Whatever. Ran out of time for the week; will revisit end of the week maybe. I was trying to add some more stuff on the second page; all seemed Ok, but something’s weird now. You can still play and edit what’s there, but there’s something funky going on with the request and response - sometimes the NDLR doesn’t even send anything back.

A note on this. I am playing around with an idea that users would be able to say which preset revision is public. That would allow making edits on a public preset without running into this situation.

That would be useful. My original plan was to create v1, leave it as stable but early, start a v2 and then post that when ready.

The reality was more like this: create v1. Test it, stable - good, make public. Let’s add one more thing. Test it - new additions work. Let’s add one more thing (or two or three) - test them, they all work. Great! Regression test – fails.


post sadness on forum.

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I was blessed with some free time this afternoon and some clarity of thought. The template is working and some additional controls have been added. Some for fun, some out of necessity. Read the text associated with the preset before use.

As with most everyone else, the preset assumes you’re connecting the Electra One to the rest of the world via MIDI 1 or USB (helpful that the E1 mirrors the data across those two interfaces by default - yes I know I can add yet another on-screen control to change that and maybe I will)