How to control a software synthesizer with Electra one?

Can someone please tell me how to control a software synthesizer from Electra one? A small tutorial would be perfect :slight_smile:

Ohhh where to begin…?

Example of a “software synthesizer”, please:

Ok there are many but for example U-He Diva.

Already a user did a Electra one preset to control U-He Diva; here

That can be a starting point :wink: , of course you can improve or customise…

Thank a lot. That will make a good start :slight_smile:

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The Preset Library is one (of many) bonus of an Electra one :wink:


I am completely “in the box”. 16 track vsti with macros (cutoff, resonance, etc, effects), m4l devices (note hold, midi cc block, etc), hx native (I have a Morningstar mc8, I also control the vsti parameters with 5 expression pedals.). I can switch “mod / pitch / aftertouch” separately on each track. I use the Komplete Kontrol plugin only as a “midi processor” for scales, chords, arp. I control all “parameters” (scale, root notes, chord type, arp, “everything”) with midi cc and in the Komplete plugin, with Kontakt (no plugins are loaded, only needed for the Macros) I make macros, so I can also use the 8 pots of the s25 as an “accessory” to the e1 (perfect two-way communication).
I 'm just now really starting to program the sound design parameters, it was several months before I “mapped” everything in Ableton, Blokas midihub.
For the 16-track vsti, 60 tracks plus midi routing.
here is the E1 preset:
EXST2.epr (99.4 KB)


That sounds really cool. A lot of work to set everything up but it must be a dream to make music when everything is ready. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and the preset.

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Related, just yesterday I was thinking (lazily, not seriously yet) about the possibility to have presets for soft synths in DAWs… that also have presets. Say for instance a preset for Bitwig’s Polymer while having Bitwig’s Driven by Moss preset installed as well. Some of these synths are quite complex and it might be worth to have a custom preset. But imagining the risk of clashes I thought (also lazily, not seriously yet) that perhaps it’s better to just create your custom remote controls on Bitwig, which are then accessible through the Driven by Moss preset.

Sorry for the slight digression on your topic, @Electrolove. I hope at least this comment contributes to the idea that with the E1 basically the MIDI-sky is the limit. :slight_smile:

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