Dave Smith Tetra & Prophet 08 (REV1)

Some presets for the DSI Tetra & Prophet 08 (REV1)

If there are any issues please feel free to leave feedback, also make sure that the synths are running the latest OS, Enjoy.


  1. Midi Channel on the Synth and on Electra one should be the same
  2. Global Settings: Parameter Send should be NRPN on the synth
  3. Global Settings: Parameter Receive should be All on the synth
  4. Global Settings: Midi Controller Send/Receive should be ON on the synth
  5. Midi Sysex Send/Receive should be ON on the synth (while not being used currently, I plan to implement Program Changes and Sysex dumps when Version 2 of the editor is released)

Known Issues:

  1. When sending an NRPN from the Electra One to the Prophet 08 to activate/deactivate key sync on the LFO’s, the synth seems to only respond to LFO1 Key Sync on/off, for LFO2/3/4 the midi NRPNs match up as detailed by the manual however they do not show any change on the synth when sent from Electra One. Strangely the Electra One is receiving the NRPN message from Prophet when the Key Sync is turned on or off.


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Updated with Program select over sysex :slight_smile:

The units need to be on midi channel one, if you need to change the channel because of a more elaborate setup with various synth, the “C0” in the sysex command of the “Program Select” controller needs to be changed between C0-CF (ch. 1-16), as well as changing the midi channel for the overall E1 preset.

trying to figure out how to make the midi channel specified in the sysex command dependent on the channel selected for the whole preset, so they change together thereby making it a one step instead of two step process

DSI_SEQ PROPHET 08 REV1.epr (58.6 KB) DSI_SEQ TETRA.epr (61.1 KB)