Setup Prophet 10 rev 4

Got my Electra One today and having problem setting up my Prophet 10 rev 4 desktop.

I have done the settings on the Prophet and nothing happends when I change for example the cutoff on the Electra One with Prophet preset. What Midi configuration should I look for on the Electra One? I can send Midi data through Electra One to get sound from Prophet from a keyboard, but can’t change anything on the Prophet from Electra One.


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Hi @xeamus,

I have P5 Rev 4 and I am using it with the following preset: Prophet 5 Rev 4. You can see there (preset description) how my P5 is set up.

I can imagine that your prophet could be setup to listen to CC while you are sending NRPNs. Or there could be mismatch in the channel configuration.

The preset mentioned above is configured to transmit on MIDI 1 port channel 1. Adjust it as you need it or set ALL channels on the prophet.

I am not sure now but I had moments when P5 did not react to incoming messages. Switching the Factory button off, resolved that. I assume it is some sort of bug on P5.

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Thanks! I will try some more. :slight_smile: Electra One seems amazing! :slight_smile:

I just tested that and it works. I had to press the Factory button again though. Without pressing it, Prophet ignored incoming messages. Once I pressed it, it has been working fine without regard whether or not the Factory is active.

Tried that, didn’t work for me. Must be something in the configuration on the web or Electra One. My setup is Deluge to Electra One to Prophet 10. MIDI in 1 from Deluge and MIDI through 1 to Prophet on Electra One. I can sequence Prophet this way and get sounds but can not control the Prophet from Electra One.

With midi channel is the prophet listening to?

Hi! Midi channel 13. Can still not control Prophet with the Electra One. It’s Christmas so haven’t had so much time trying so. :joy:

For information I’m a newbie and doesn’t now anything about sysex or programming, but understand cc. Can I use the Electra One without a computer connected and only use the computer to load presets?

Yes you can.

I assume you use Martin’s preset, right? Martin’s preset as it comes ‘out of the box’ has all of its controls assigned to the first device in the preset., called ‘Generic MIDI (Port 1 - Channel 1)’ Can you verify and confirm that?
Next, in the preset go and check the settings of that very first device by choosing ‘Edit Device’, it should tell you the following:

  • its name is ‘Generic MIDI’
  • its port is ‘MIDI 1’
  • its channel is ‘1’
    Can you confirm that as well?
    If so , I want you to change the name in ‘Xeamus Prophet’ and the channel into ‘13’ just like I did below

If you now check any of the controls, it should show you that the control is assigned to the device called 'Xeamus Prophet (Port 1 - Channel 13)? Then upload it into the Electra.
If indeed your Prophet is listening to channel 13 and connected via MIDI Out to part 1, it should respond to tweaking the controls on the E1.

Let me know if it does

Wow! Thanks alot for the help! Yes, Martins preset. I will try this when I am back from Holiday on Monday! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’ll post here afterwards. Merry Christmas! :grin:

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That was it! Works now! Thanks alot! :slight_smile: For you having trouble that Electra One don’t connect to the web app, try to restart it and also close and restart the web browser. :slight_smile:

A question: is it possible to change things on the Prophet that reflects on the Electra One? How do I set that up? Connected from Prophet to Electra One, but nothing changes when I turn the knobs on the Prophet. I have configured so I use NRPN on the Prophet and Electra One.

Yep, Martin has noted in his preset “preset supports bi-directional communication”. So yes, the Electra One can respond to your changes on the synth.

For this to work you need two things:

  1. The Prophet must tell the outside world about those changes (if not it’s not worth listening, is it)
  2. The Electra One needs to be able to hear what the Prophet is saying (if not, it may be willing to respond, but there is nothing to respond to)

For topic 1, check your settings on the prophet:

  • Globals - Param Xmit: “nrn”
  • Globals - Param Rcv: “nrn”
  • Globals - MIDI Control: “on”

On what kind of output is the Prophet transmitting? UBD ? DIN MIDI? of both?

For topic 2, check your physical connection(s) between Prophet and Electra One:

  • do you have a MIDI cable from MIDI OUT (prophet) to MIDI IN (E1)? Connected on the right port of the E1 (don’t switch between MIDI 1 and MIDI2, remember)? Is there some device in between?
  • or are you using USB cables somewhere? describe what devices are in between the Prophet and the E1, and verify if you’ve told those devices somehow to reroute the NRPN data coming form the Prophet into the E1.

Thank you for trying to help me. :slight_smile:

My system setup on the Prophet is det as you described.

My cable setup is:

Udo Super 6 Midi out to Deluge Midi in.
Deluge Midi out to Neova Ring Midi in.

Neova Ring Midi out to E1 Midi in 1.
E1 Midi out 1 to Udo Super 6 Midi in.

Udo Super 6 Midi thru to Prophet 10 desktop Midi in. Prophet 10 desktop Midi thru to Hydrasynth desktop Midi in.

Hydrasynth Midi thru to Norand Mono Midi in. Norand Mono Midi thru to Jomox Midi in.

Jomox Midi thru to Hologram Microcosm Midi in. Hologram Microcosm Midi thru to Ventris Reverb Midi in.

It’s a mess. X)

This way I can control all synths with the keyboard from Super 6 and use the sequencer of Deluge. I can also use my Neova Midi Ring (it is awesome!). I can use E1 to control Prophet, but I can obviously not read incoming Midi message because I can not find a way to read incoming Midi data.

Tried E1 Midi out 1 directly to Prophet Midi in and Prophet Midi out directly to E1 Midi in 1 and it did work for a while when I changed things in the Prophet. But somehow it stopped working. Perhaps I changed some things in the Prophet’s config on the E1.

Will try more, but I am pretty glad I can use it as a controller for Prophet even if it would be nice to use Midi learn to control other synths.

The global settings in that case for midi out on the prophet must be on MID not on USB.

Your set up is a bit of a daisy chain but i’ll first will draw your setup to understand (and look up your gear! You have things i’ve never heard of:-) ). Be aware every step adds delay , therefor it is not recommended to have more than 3 or 4 devices in series. But it will work! I’ll come back on your midi set up with some suggestions. Do you still have plans for adding synths or controllers?

Hi Xeamus,
nice equipment you’ve got there, but you must be suffering from latency; every MIDI chain adds like 2 ms of latency, so there is like 20 ms delay between the UDO and the Ventris. So it’s a good thing you placed the looper and the effects at the end.

On a short term , you can try to take the Prophet 10 completely out of the MIDI chain, and connect it directly over USB to the electra one. Check for grond noise though (USB is not opto-isolated) on the P10. Check in the E1 the Prophet 10 is connected to port 1, not 2.
If that works and you have bidirectional communication with the P10 over USB instead of DIN MIDI, then check if the midi thru of the P10 is forwarding the received signals from the UDO chain. If it is you can now redistribute the Hydra, Norand, Jomox etc over 2 midi Thru’s: the one from the Super 6 and from the P10. That could shorten overall delay to about 12 ms.

If that does not work, you’ll need a decent and sufficiently large MIDI patch bay, like the iConnectivity MioXL. I’ve got one and it is a blessing with large set ups.

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Thanks! Will try to do some cable management when I’m home tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Ordered a Conductive labs MRCC. Will have it next week to see if I could get things easier to set up. :slight_smile:

I have two MRCCs and yes, they make life a lot easier.

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Nice! Would be great to know how you set up it all. How do you connect E1?

When I have some time today, I will explain a bit.

Biggest issue though is that the E1 cannot ‘see’ the computer if you connect E1 USB → MRCC USB → computer. This is only important if you plan to regularly download new templates and/or program new ones. If you’re just using the E1 to control gear, no problems.

Aha Thanks! Looking forward to see how E1 fits in peoples setup/workflow. :slight_smile: